Red deer
Swindale valley
red squrrel


The Swindale Valley is one of the Lake District’s most secluded valleys, making it the perfect place for wildlife spotting.

You could see red squirrels, red deer, otters, lizards, ospreys or peregrine falcons and learn about their habits and habitats as you go. Swindale Falls are at the head of valley and part way round the circular walk.

Swindale Valley walk overview

We have a wonderful relationship with the team at Swindale. If you would like us to help you explore this wilderness, please let reservations or front desk know.

Swindale sheep

Swindale walking guide

RSPB guide Lee Schofield says:
“Head to Haweswater for a wildlife ramble through one of the Lake District’s most secluded, beautiful and tranquil valleys. From red squirrels to salmon, deer to dragonflies, the area is a haven for all sorts of wildlife, and with an expert on hand, you’ll have a much better chance to see and enjoy it.

On mostly level terrain, the walk will take in bubbling streams, flower rich meadows, shady woodlands, dramatic waterfalls and crags.”