Swimming pool
Shepherd huts


Our staff have undertaken training to improve their knowledge and understanding of accessibility and other issues that may affect our guests’ hotel experience, including allergies.

Please contact our team directly to discuss any specific requirements you may have.

Swimming pool

Swim Club

The shallow end of the pool can be accessed by steps running into the water. We have a swimming pool hoist that which we can prepare ahead of the guest arrival and leave out for the duration of the stay. Please let us know before arrival if you would like to use it.

Shepherd huts

Our grounds

Our extensive gardens are partially accessible, while the terrace next to Swim Club is fully wheelchair-accessible, offering views across the grounds towards the lake. Our field by the lake is also accessible but is rough terrain.

Standup paddleboarding


We run various different lake based sports lessons at Another Place. Please contact us with any specific requirements or questions you may have around swimming, kayak or paddleboarding.

The endless pool is above ground with high sides and no access ramps, it is also accessed by a gravel path which makes it unsuitable for wheelchairs.