The view from the hotel jetty
Looking back at the hotel from the gardens
Another Place, The Lake
Hotel bedroom with views over Ullswater


We believe we should not only minimise the impact we have on the environment, but also make a positive impact on the world around us and its people.

Since we began the journey to create Another Place, The Lake we sought to take the broadest view on making a positive impact. We opened in 2017 and our initial focus sits squarely on generating and sourcing sustainable energy.

Becoming a B Corp

We want to use our business as a force for good, both environmentally and socially. That’s why we’re currently going through a rigorous assessment to become B Corp certified.

B Corps balance profit with people and planet – reaching the highest environmental and social standards. Far from a tick-box exercise, becoming a B Corp will fundamentally change the way we do business – and we’ll be legally required to report on our impact every year.

Good Energy wind farm

Our journey

Our activity will centre around three key themes; conservation, circular, and community.


Conserving the earth’s natural resources is vital for a sustainable future. We source energy from renewable sources for our hotels and find innovative ways to reduce our energy demand. We also take pride in sustainably sourcing the local, seasonal produce for our kitchens and use biodegradable cleaning products.

Ullswater 'Steamers' is a boat company which provides leisure trips on Ullswater in the north-eastern part of the English Lake District.

Circular and community

Having focussed initially on conservation, we will formalise our approach to circular and community themes from late 2020.

In working towards a circular approach to the resources we use, and the waste we create, we aim to minimise consumption of virgin materials and reuse items wherever possible. The ultimate aim will be to create a circular system whereby resources can be infinitely reused in some way – either by us or our partners.