served 12pm til 3pm

Rosemary almonds   vg-gf  (p/n) £5

Herb olives   vg-gf £4

Sourdough bread & butter   v (g/d) £5

Pil pil king prawns   df-gfa (g/c) £13
Lemon and focaccia

Pulled beef brisket tacos   gf (d/f/sd) £10
Pickled red onion, salsa verde, charred corn salsa

Charred tender-stem broccoli   vg-df (g/n/sd/se*/s*) £9
Confit shallots, romesco sauce, pickled walnuts and hazelnuts

Ale-battered fish and chunky chips   gf-df (f/mu/sd) £20
Mushy peas, tartare sauce, charred lemon

Baked sweet potato   vg-gf £17
Mint and coconut emulsion, crispy quinoa

Basil crumbed chicken   gf (d/e/ce/sd/n*/p*/s*) £18
Marinated cherry tomatoes, burrata, olives, pancetta, basil oil

Rice bowl   gf (d/mu/se/s)
Seasoned rice, kimchi, ssamjang sauce, wasabi mayo,
cucumber, avocado, pickled ginger, seaweed
with chicken   £15
with smoked salmon   (f) £17
with za ‘atar mushrooms   (g/d/e/ce/sd) £15

Watermelon feta salad   vg-gf (d) £14
Vegan feta, lettuce, olives, cucumber, lemon & mint dressing

Chorizo salad   gf-df (e/se/sd) £15
Poached egg, roast potatoes, za’atar roasted mushrooms,
feta, garden leaf

Served with slaw and fries

Cumbrian beef burger   (g/d/e/f/mu/se/e/sd/n*) £20
Smoked applewood, bone marrow, caramelised onions, peppercorn

Katsu burger   gfa (g/d/e/ce/se/s/n*) £19
Buttermilk fried chicken, katsu mayo, red peppers, pickles

Plant burger   vg (g/mu/s/e*/se*) £18
Vegan pattie, guacamole, vegan applewood, smokey tomato relish, pickles

Vegan banh mi roll   vg-gfa (g/ce/mu/sd/s/se/n*/p*) £14
Crispy fried mushrooms, pickled fennel, plum sauce, cucumber, gochujang

Cajun battered prawn po boi   df-gfa (g/c/f/mu/sd/se*) £15
Remoulade, charred corn, lettuce, tomato

Grilled four cheese toastie   gfa (g/d/e/mu) £14
Truffle bechamel, caramelised onions

Fries   vg - gf -df £5

Parmesan and truffle fries   gf   (d) £6

Garden patch salad   vg - gf - df £5

Garden veg   vg - gf - df £5

Vanilla cheesecake   (g/d/e/sd/n*) £9
Rum-soaked roasted pineapple, mango sorbet

Caramelised banana crème brulee   vg-gf (n/se/sd) £9
Black sesame ice cream, cashews

Sticky toffee pudding   v   (g/d/e) £10
Vanilla ice cream, toffee sauce

Elderflower posset   v (g/d) £8
Basil shortbread

Served 12pm until 5pm

Victoria sponge   v   (g/d) £4
Butter cream, strawberry jam

Coffee cake   v   (g/d/e) £4
Crème fraîche

Carrot cake   v   (g/d/e/n) £4

Chocolate pecan brownie slice   v - gf - df   (e/n) £4

Fruit scone   v   (g/d) £4/£6
Clotted cream, strawberry jam

Cheese scone   v   (g/d/e) £4/£6
Salted or Marmite butter

Gluten free fruit scone   v - gf £5/£8
Strawberry jam, clotted cream

Allergies & intolerances

Please be advised that all our food is prepared in an environment where allergens are present. We will take every reasonable precaution when preparing your food, but there is the risk of potential cross contamination of allergens. The allergen information identifies the known prescribed allergens
within our dishes, it does not indicate if a dish ‘may contain’ an allergen. Please let us know if you have any allergies or intolerances including those
additional to the core 14.

v - Vegetarian / vg - Vegan / vga - Vegan adaptable / gf - Gluten free / gfa - Gluten free adaptable / df - Dairy free / dfa - Dairy free adaptable

g - Gluten / d - Dairy / e - Eggs / p - Peanuts / n - Nuts / ce - Celery / l - Lupin / s - Soya / se - Sesame seeds / c - Crustaceans / f - Fish / mo - Molluscs / mu - Mustard / sd - Sulphur dioxide / a - Alcohol

All prices include VAT