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Another Place, The Lake
Another Place hotel loop walk towards the lake


A short 3.6 mile walk from the hotel. Easy to moderate with a good climb and a little steep in places with views over Ullswater. Suitable for any time of year.

Walk overview

Total Distance:
3.6 miles

1 hour 40 minutes

Easy to moderate

This walk can be done from the hotel, no driving needed.

A short walk (or run) from the door of the hotel, starting along the edge of Ullswater and climbing to a reasonable height, with stunning views at the higher points of the walk.

What to bring:
Sturdy walking shoes or wellies, a waterproof coat, a drink, sun cream, hat, camera.

Straight from our door

A walk for any weather or time of year. A short walk, but enough to feel that you’ve blown the cobwebs away and taken in some of the breath-taking scenery that surround the hotel. Build up an appetite before lunch or dinner and combine with an afternoon spent relaxing in the hotel.

Anytime of year

In winter look out for the snow dusting the tops of the fells.
In spring spot snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils along the way.
In summer look out for swallows and swifts.
In autumn look out for the colourful trees.


  • From the hotel go out of the main door and turn right.
  • Follow the path towards the lake edge and go through the gate into the marina. Follow the hotel walk signs and yellow markers in a straight line through the marina and into the fields beyond. The yellow markers continue into the fields and are easy to see.
  • At the other side of the fields the path narrows into a single-track footpath. Follow this until you reach the village of Watermillock and the main road.
  • Turn right at the road and walk until you come to the first left road turning. Take care on this part of the road there are no pavements, and it can be a busy, fast stretch of road.
  • Follow the road towards Watermillock Village Hall and church. The church is approximately a mile up the hill on the left-hand side.
  • Shortly after walking past the church, you will see a footpath signpost with the Ullswater Way daffodil logo. This will be on your right-hand side. Follow the path through the fields until you come to the single lane road.
  • Follow the road to Bennethead and Wreay, then continue to follow it down the hill to the Brackenrigg Inn.
  • At the Brackenrigg Inn, turn left and walk for a short amount of time along the main road, again taking care on this fast stretch of road, back to Another Place, The Lake.

Walking in the Lake District comes with risk and conditions change quickly. We would always recommend checking the weather forecast, wearing suitable clothes and choosing a walk for your ability. We would also recommend taking an OS map and compass and know how to use them. The hotel takes no responsibility for any injury, loss or damages that may occur when following the directions.

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