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Curated by the Another Place collective, here you’ll find a digital companion of inspirational stories, happenings and everything exciting at each of our hotels. We’re a group of foodies, musicians, skiers, surfers, bookworms, outdoor enthusiasts, creators and friends. We’re the people you chat to on Facebook; the ones taking photos and putting together recipes and playlists for when you need inspiration from a new place.

  • Winter Droving

    Winter Droving

    Winter Droving is a staple of the autumnal calendar in the north of England, each year Penrith town hosts a celebration of “all things Cumbrian, animals, fire, good food and community spirit”. This year, the parade and celebration takes place on Saturday 28 October.

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  • Deer stalkers

    Deer stalkers

    Nicola Merrett – who runs Hiking Highs – now takes visitors to see the famous Martindale deer join in the rut each autumn.

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  • A journey into nature’s stories

    A journey into nature’s stories

    A list of nature’s best stories, curated by Faber, an independent publishing house since 1929. Find these books in our library.

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  • Wine and book pairings

    Wine and book pairings

    We’ve paired six books as leaping off points to find flavours and notes that will have your tastebuds jumping with each turn of the page.

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  • Beth Bond: Adventures in Sustainability

    Beth Bond: Adventures in Sustainability

    Meet Beth Bond and learn about her adventures in sustainability as the food and beverage manager of our restaurants.

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  • Mountain Leader Nicola Merrett

    Mountain Leader Nicola Merrett

    Meet Nicola Merrett, local mountain leader and fell walking expert. Find out why spending time in the fells is her passion, when is a good time to hike and about her autumnal deer rutting hikes.

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  • Solo travel in the Lake District

    Solo travel in the Lake District

    Meet Lottie Gross, travel writer, journalist and digital content specialist. We invited her to stay at Another Place, The Lake… By herself.

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  • Vegan chocolate mousse recipe

    Vegan chocolate mousse recipe

    Dark chocolate mousse, cocoa nibs, passion fruit and chamomile desert. Learn to make our vegan chocolate mousse recipe at home with this recipe straight from the Rampsbeck kitchen.

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  • Tequila-macerated watermelon starter recipe

    Tequila-macerated watermelon starter recipe

    A starter of tequila macerated watermelon, pickled rind, Kalamata olives and dukkah straight from the Rampsbeck kitchen

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  • Another Place: On the Road

    Another Place: On the Road

    We’re on the road this August, hosting a unique island experience on Islay at The Machrie.

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  • Rhubarb margarita recipe

    Rhubarb margarita recipe

    Coming soon to The Living Space cocktail menu, a twist on the classic margarita made with rhubarb straight from our vegetable patch.

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  • Swimming Solo

    Swimming Solo

    Playwrite and swimmer, Liz Richardson, is touring her theatre show SWIM. We talk to her about the benefits of cold water swimming, how it can help to manage grief, wellbeing, to de-stress and for enjoyment. Each swim is individual.

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