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Hunters and Heel's cosy moments

hunters and heels autumn leaves

It’s no hardship to look at the world through Lauren McDermott’s eyes; her natural warmth and eye for detail is evident all through her Instagram feed, @huntersandheels. A make-up artist for Bobbi Brown and an ambassador for British brands such as Joules, she balances her busy working life with the quiet stars of her feed; her sons Ollie and Rory.

Her more recent photos of the caramel hues of Sunday afternoon walks in the woods and snug nights by the fire with Mr McDermott have replaced the photos of balmy summer nights in poppy fields in Worcester. Lauren recently came to stay with us, so we asked Lauren about her break and how she creates cosy moments in her favourite season.

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hunters and heels ullswater

 You are a great ambassador for the colder months, what makes this time of the year so special for you?

LM: Y’know all my life I have LOVED autumn. So much of what I love now are the memories I hold from my childhood and being able to recreate them with our sons. The bramble picking, pie baking. The crackle of the first fire and the crunch of the first frost. Then of course there’s the colour. That quote “where every leaf is a flower“, it’s so true. The beauty of this time of year really takes my breath away.

Hunters and heels joules suite

AP: Imagine you’re having the perfect day with the family. What does it look like?

LM: A perfect day for us, would be a relatively slow one. A lazy start, hearty breakfast followed by lots of time spent outdoors. I love that feeling of getting home just before dark for a cosy evening by the fire with games and a good tipple.

AP: Are there any small touches that make you feel spoilt on a night in?

LM: Nights in are my favourite these days, especially knowing it’s cold and dark outside, it makes being cosy indoors feel even more luxurious. I think a crackling fire, candlelight and good food are hard to beat.

hunters and heels cycling
hunters and heels swans

AP: During your stay you seemed to fall in love with the Lakes; what were the highlights?

LM: Yes! We really really did. Although some of our time there was a little wet, the beauty of the lake really couldn’t be hidden. The landscape, the water, the villages to explore. We vowed we would return in a much colder season to experience that too.

sup ullswater

AP: You came with your boys, but did you make a mental note of things you’d like to do as a couple?

LM: Absolutely! We loved how Another Place catered so perfectly for families, but still felt like a wonderful escape for couples too. When we return without the children we would love to take more advantage of the sports and spa facilities, as well as exploring more the quaint villages and pubs…oh and a lie in, obviously!

brown butter poached hake spring vegetables and herb risotto

AP: You had a romantic dinner date in Rampsbeck

LM: That was such a lovely evening. We arranged a babysitter, who sat with the boys while they slept. That gave us complete peace of mind to really relax at dinner. The food and wine was second to none, seasonal and delicious. We sat in the window and the sun went down around us as we ate by candlelight. While we often have dinner alone together at home once the children are asleep, it’s a real luxury for busy parents to enjoy dinner together without being surrounded by things that need to be done, no cooking or washing up.

another place the lake ullswater library evening

AP: What are your favourite nooks and crannies in the hotel to steal five minutes?

LM: The library is my favourite room in the hotel. Deliciously cosy and quiet, I can only imagine how lovely it must be there this time of year.

new year breaks Lake District hotel

AP: What must-haves are in your suitcase next time you visit?

LM: If we were to visit without the children, we would bring our walking boots to explore more of the area by foot, and plenty of smart clothes for those ultra-special date nights!

new year breaks lake district hotel fireplace

AP: What’s on your to-do list when you come back?

LM: We would love to experience all the things we did last time, in this colder season, and definitely to make more use of that beautiful fire in the library.

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