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Christmas Cocktail Ideas & Recipes

There is something about the ritual of crafting a cocktail that makes it perfect for Christmas. Gathering the best ingredients, combining seasonal flavours and the time and consideration it takes to present it, just so, like a jewel-coloured gift.

We’ve picked our favourite seasonal drinks that takes us back to noisier times, crowding around the table, woodland walks scented with pine or the taste of a dessert from a vintage cookbook.

All our recipes are for four people. Christmas cocktails are always best shared with friends.

Winter Sour

winter sour

With flavours of Christmas cake, the scent of pine needles and the aromatics of orange, this newcomer to the list is a sure-fire hit.

Makes 4:

100ml The Lakes Classic gin
100ml Campari
50ml honey gomme
8g orange bitters

4x egg whites
100ml lemon juice
Garnish – Rosemary sprig, sprinkle of nutmeg
Glass – Diamond Highball

winter sour garnish


Fill glass ½ full with crushed ice. Muddle rosemary leaves and lemon in cocktail shaker. Add in the liquor, bitters, juice and egg white and dry shake. Fill ½ full with ice then wet shake, strain into glass, top with ice if needed, and garnish.



25ml Martini Extra Dry vermouth
23ml Campari
23ml Woodford Reserve Bourbon
Orange peel
Glass – Rocks



Half fill a glass with big ice cubes. In a shaker, combine the vermouth, Campari and bourbon, then strain into the glass of ice and gently stir. Use a potato peeler or a sharp knife to cut off a strip of orange peel then briefly pass a flame over the skin a couple of times and pop it into the glass.

Winter Bramble

bramble muddling

A nod to seasonal berries found in British hedgerows, the hint of sweetness and smack of sour gives even those set against gin a good reason to drink it.

3 Fresh blackberries
50ml The Lakes Gin
25ml Lemon juice
15ml Crème de Mure
15ml Simple syrup
Ground cinnamon
Allspice, nutmeg
Ground cloves
Ginger Ale



Add a pinch of each of the spices to the simple syrup and mix well. Then muddle the blackberries in a glass along with the winter spice syrup you just made, as well as the lemon juice, then half fill the glass with crushed ice. Add the rest of the ingredients to a shaker with some ice, shake well and strain into the glass. Stir, top up with more crushed ice, garnish and serve.


Invented by our very own cocktail enthusiast, Alex. Rooted in the foundations of an eggnog, but with the edge of a spiced rum, a crowd pleaser on any seasonal cocktail list.

Makes 4:
140ml Frangelico
140ml white Crème de Cacao
60ml Kraken rum
4x egg whites
Garnish – Sprinkle of nutmeg
Glass – Brandy



Fill glass ½ full with ice. Add all ingredients to cocktail shaker and dry shake. ½ fill with ice and shake. Double strain into glass over ice and sprinkle over with pinch of nutmeg.

The Lakes Gin & Tonic

lakes gin splash

A classic dry gin with juniper, coriander and citrus all playing a part.

Makes 4:
200ml The Lakes Classic gin
Fevertree Mediterranean to taste
Garnish: Wedges of lime, basil
Glass – Copa de balon

Lakes gin


Fill glass ½ full with ice. Pour gin over ice, squeezing lime wedges in and dropping them in the glass. Take 3 leaves of basil and pinch them gently to release their perfume and add them to the glass.

living space espresso martini cocktail

Hazelnut Espresso Martini

Our take on the classic espresso martini with Origin coffee and hazelnut is part of our winter cocktail menu. A favourite of ours served in the Living Space bar and Rampsbeck restaurant.

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