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  • Solo travel in the Lake District

    Solo travel in the Lake District

    Meet Lottie Gross, travel writer, journalist and digital content specialist. We invited her to stay at Another Place, The Lake… By herself.

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  • Vegan chocolate mousse recipe

    Vegan chocolate mousse recipe

    Dark chocolate mousse, cocoa nibs, passion fruit and chamomile desert. Learn to make our vegan chocolate mousse recipe at home with this recipe straight from the Rampsbeck kitchen.

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  • Tequila-macerated watermelon starter recipe

    Tequila-macerated watermelon starter recipe

    A starter of tequila macerated watermelon, pickled rind, Kalamata olives and dukkah straight from the Rampsbeck kitchen

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  • Another Place: On the Road

    Another Place: On the Road

    We’re on the road this August, hosting a unique island experience on Islay at The Machrie.

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  • Rhubarb margarita recipe

    Rhubarb margarita recipe

    Coming soon to The Living Space cocktail menu, a twist on the classic margarita made with rhubarb straight from our vegetable patch.

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  • Mackerel with curried mussel broth

    Mackerel with curried mussel broth

    Mackerel fillets paired with a mussel & white wine broth. Make your own version at home with this recipe straight from the Rampsbeck kitchen.

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  • Meet Paolo Diana

    Meet Paolo Diana

    Meet Paolo Diana, our Italian pizza chef. Find out how he honed his passion for pizza, working in Naples, what drew him to the Lakes, and his secret dough recipe.

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  • Events in Cumbria

    Events in Cumbria

    A curated list of local events taking place in Cumbria and the Lake District. From mountain festivals and theatre performances to marmalade competitions and outdoor swimming events…

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  • The Ullswater Way

    The Ullswater Way

    Created in 2016 following Storm Desmond and circumnavigating the lake, the Ullswater Way is probably one of the most popular Lake District walks. Discover artwork and heritage along the 22 mile trail.

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  • Strokes and floats

    Strokes and floats

    From still lakes to waterfall plunge pools, swimming beneath the open sky is infamously addictive. Our swimming expert Colin Hill shares his tips on getting the most from your float…

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  • Helvellyn


    Helvellyn may not be the highest fell in the Lake District but it is certainly the most popular. Only recommended for the most experienced of walkers the challenging knife edge ridges attract over 250K walkers a year.

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  • Meteor showers

    Meteor showers

    As the longer nights stretch out ahead of us, which meteor showers might you see in the dark skies above the Lake District this year?

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