Another Place

Curated by the Another Place collective, here you’ll find a digital companion for The Machrie on Islay and The Lake in Ullswater.

"The panel look for a game-changer with unique style". Another Place, The Lake was shortlisted in the annual Independent Hotel Show Awards. The final say, on 16 October 2018, was a vote.
Ullswater is a native home to red squirrels and we're doing all we can to encourage them. Red squirrel awareness week is all about spreading the message of the UK's most loved species.
Over the last few years Another Place and Rampsbeck before it has gone through many changes. The constant has been our gardener, John. He has worked tirelessly to keep the garden looking beautiful throughout the seasons and changing style of the hotel.
Another Place, the Lake is ideally situated to make the most of the fantastic scenery and countless opportunities the Lake District has to offer. We asked local photographer, Rod Ireland to highlight some great photography locations that are close bye, to help you get out and capture some great images.
Jess, our guest relations manager guides you through Cathedral Cave and its linking tunnels, chambers, caverns and the surrounding area. Don't forget your torch.
Thousands of acres of views and sheep grazing on farmland surrounded by mountains and fells. Langdale Valley is everything The Lake District as it should be.