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Mindfulness in action

With Sophie Ingram

Calm the chaos of life with personal trainer Sophie Ingram, founder of Re:vert Fitness, as she sheds light on making room for mindfulness in our everyday.  

Explore your inner terrain out in the wilds with Sophie this April and October during the first of our new series of Active Breaks, as she strikes out with Hiking and Fitness, a four-day, three-night escape focussing on body and mind.

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What mindfulness really means...

How many times have you got in your car to drive somewhere you go regularly? Maybe to work or to collect your children from school, and somehow just arrived there? You didn’t really remember the drive; you were busy making phone calls or never-ending ‘To Do’ lists in your head, and suddenly you’d arrived. 

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there – and continue to be there all too often.

“Mindfulness allows us to truly be present and recognise moments that are happening to us in day-to-day life.”

Revert Fitness hike

Mindfulness goes way beyond the preconceptions of meditation and breathwork. It’s a practice that allows us to be truly present, recognising the moments that are happening to us in day-to-day life, and even helping us to enjoy those moments too.

We’re in an era of endless overthinking – whether it’s over something we said or did in the past or anxiety over something to come in the future. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by everyday life, plans, family, work or perhaps something even bigger.

It’s important we find a way to be able to turn down the noise on these intrusive thoughts every now and then, so we can fully enjoy life as it’s happening.

“You will never be in this moment in time ever again, so sit with it, enjoy it and notice how it feels.”

What does it mean to be mindful?

Tapping into mindfulness is as simple as learning to enjoy the present moment for exactly what it is. Finding a way to ground yourself in a specific moment in time can help you accept it and avoid the constant narrative that’s playing out in your head. It’s not about every situation being perfect or full of joy; it’s just about every moment being real and authentic.

Can the outdoors help with mindfulness?

It’s no secret that connecting with nature comes with a heap of mental health benefits that can help to reduce anxiety and depression. Nature also provides a positive space where you can truly be mindful.

Being in a different environment, noticing what’s happening, how the world looks and feels around you, the sunlight (hopefully, although the UK is sent to try us) on your face – it all sounds a little cliché, but it truly works.

The brain absorbs all of that good stuff, triggering happy hormones within the body – there are many studies to back this theory up. So while mindfulness can sound spiritual or a little ‘fluffy’ at times, it’s actually backed by hard facts; evidence, that suggests, if we slow down, we take a breath, we learn to cope with our distractions – both physical and mental – we can introduce just a little more calm into our chaos.

Sophie Ingram from Re:vert Fitness

"Our everyday life often sees us with a heap of triggers that do very little to help regulate our nervous system. "

We are too often in ‘survival’ mode and this can have a huge impact on our mental wellbeing. Introducing a little more mindfulness into our day-to-day can really help. 

I know first-hand how overwhelming and hectic life can be and I am constantly having to remind myself to slow down. Of course, it’s not always that simple and things can occur that consume your headspace, worries will arise that can’t be overlooked and mindfulness can slip to the bottom of the priority pile.

But, if we can find pockets of opportunity to be slightly more present, and practice things that actually make us feel good, I promise those tiny mindful changes will make a big difference over time. 

Re:vert fitness hike


1.  Switch off – Limit your screen time and be aware of when you’re distracted by your phone. Scrolling while watching TV, working, and spending time with family or friends is so common but really detrimental to our mental health, and our relationships.

2.  Shift your routine – Even if it’s just for five minutes, start your day with something that makes you feel grounded. Meditation, journaling, breathwork, or something as simple as sitting peacefully with a coffee, getting some fresh air or simply practising being present can start your day off on the right foot.

3.  Get outside – Only got 10 minutes to spare? Fresh air, movement, stepping away for some headspace, and of course that all-important vitamin D can hugely benefit our wellbeing. It can be only too easy to focus on ‘getting our steps in’ – which, while great for our physical health, can mean we overlook the deeper benefits that come with immersing ourselves in the natural world.

Lace up, breathe deep and step up to our four-day Hiking and Fitness break led by Sophie at Re:vert Fitness. Head out on the trails and stretch out in the sanctuary of a Glasshouse class.

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Calm the chaos of life with personal trainer Sophie Ingram, founder of Re:vert Fitness, as she sheds light on making room for mindfulness in our everyday.
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