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Sounds of floating

(2 minute listen)

How often do you stop and listen? Like, really listen? Tune into the sounds of your surroundings; engage your ears in the environment; become aurally absorbed in nature?

Because when you switch off your other senses and focus on what you’re hearing, it can be a transformative, transcendental experience; one that can immediately transport you to another time and place.

So, we invite you to take a moment to listen in to a series of ambient, watery sounds; recorded right here at Another Place, The Lake.

Evoking the essence of what it feels like to float on the surface of Ullswater, get ready to drift away to a day of aquatic adventures with this relaxing slice of audio tourism.

Nature’s wake-up call

Allow a twittering Cumbrian dawn chorus to soften an early morning rise as you make your way down to the water’s edge.

Splish splash splosh

Leap, plunge, dive or stride? However you make your entrance, it’s time to break the silvery surface of the lake and submerge yourself in the clear water.


Lie back and watch the clouds sail overhead, with the wind rushing over the fells.

Waterside wildlife

While you float, free from stresses or strains, tune into the soothing soundtrack provided by the local wildlife.

Anyone for a brew?

Wriggle out of your bathing suit, pull on a warm layer and fire up your coffee brewing kit on the banks of the lake, stopping to savour the panoramic views.

Warm glow

Feel a warm glow flood your veins as you watch the post-swim campfire flames crackle and let the convivial chatter of friends wash over you.


With cheeks glowing from the day’s adventures, settle into a deep sofa in the Library for a well-deserved cocktail (or two).