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Red squirrel awareness week

Red squirrel awareness week is all about spreading the message of the UK’s most loved species. Here’s what we’ve been doing at Another Place to encourage them into the protection of our grounds.

The Lake District is one of the UK’s native homes to the red squirrel. They are often spotted around Aira Force, in the Swindale Valley and Whinlatter forest, all a short drive from Another Place, and around Ullswater. Reds are under threat from non-native grey squirrels. Thankfully, a huge amount of effort goes into keeping red squirrels in our area and we’re proud to be involved. Read more about the resurgence of red squirrels on our blog.

Julie Bailey Administrator/Treasurer for Penrith & District Red Squirrel Group said:

“The Ullswater Valley is very lucky to still have good numbers of resident red squirrels due to the continuous deployment of a full time dedicated ranger for the area supplied by the Penrith & District Red Squirrel Group. One of the services provided by the group is supplementary feeding of the red squirrels using the groups’ flip lid feeders. This helps hugely to maintain the good health of these iconic characters and allows them to breed successfully, increase in their numbers and extend their range.”

“Sustainability of the work of the Ullswater Valley ranger is key to protecting and conserving local populations of red squirrels in their natural environment to ensure their survival for both now and future generations to enjoy.”

We’ve been working with our local red squirrel ranger to place six squirrel feeders within the 18 acre grounds at Another Place. With the right food, and an eye out for grey squirrel activity, these secluded areas could soon become thriving areas for red squirrels.

red squirrel

Throughout red squirrel awareness week, children staying at Another Place can take part in a number of activities focussing on nature and local wildlife, including red squirrels.

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We’ll be regularly updating on any red squirrel activity and sharing your stories over the coming weeks. Tag us on social media and use #redsquirrelawarenessweek to spread the word further.

squirrel feeder

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