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Dalemain marmalade gin martini

Simple and refined, Jane's award winning marmalade is the hero ingredient in our Dalemain marmalade gin martini.

Dalemain marmalade gin

Cocktail recipe


  • 50ml Dalemain marmalade gin

  • 10ml dry vermouth

  • Zest from an orange

  • Orange peel


  1. Pour ice into a Boston shaker and add 50ml Dalemain marmalade gin

  2. Add 10ml dry vermouth and stir

  3. Wipe an orange peel around the edge of the martini glass

  4. Double strain the martini into the glass

  5. Squeeze in zest from the orange, twist the peel and add to the the martini

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Dalemain Marmalade gin

Dalemain Marmalade gin

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