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Chasing waterfalls

Standing beneath elemental waterfalls tumbling from high peaks, swan diving into freshwater plunge pools carved from centuries of flowing mountain water, and exploring powerful cascades that enliven the senses: introducing our new waterfall wild swim experience.

Team waterfall swim

With his deep knowledge of the waters in and around Ullswater, our outdoor swimming expert Colin Hill is unveiling a new addition to our open-water adventures this autumn – the waterfall wild swim.

After years of heading to the falls with family and friends, it was only a matter of time before this exhilarating waterfall experience was added to our outdoor swimming ‘menu’. Here’s what to expect…

Gather with your fellow wild swimmers at the sheep shed heated changing cabin, as we suit and boot you with all the essential cold water apparel – dry robes, swimming gloves, boots, hoods and wetsuits are all provided. We’ll then drive out in convoy to a specially selected spot (see below), before ascending on foot along the river banks.

Waterfall swim in the Lake District

Elements of success

At the mercy of many factors, from weather to seasonal shifts in water levels – Colin tailors his waterfall swims to suit the ever-changing conditions, landing on the ideal spot for each day’s outing, year-round.

Arriving at the falls, you’ll swim out under rushing water, feeling the raw power of nature, as it cascades from above. Then dive, swim, and explore the freshwater pool, polished smooth from years of elemental erosion.

“Getting to grips with the water, exploring new territories and seeing firsthand the amazing benefits cold water immersion can bring, is life-affirming.”

Swimming in a waterfall

“This isn’t some endurance test,” assures Colin. “I just want everyone to enjoy the swim, and come away with the great rewards that happen after being submerged in cold water.”

Believing that the joys of cold water should be open to all, Colin is on hand to help those new to wild swimming with gentle techniques to help them acclimatise to the water.

Waving underneath the waterfall

Open to all

No need to worry about fitness levels or swimming prowess. Each session welcomes seasoned swimmers and cold-water newbies alike.

One of the most rewarding aspects of his role as a swim guide, Colin says, is seeing the shift in his guests from anticipation to invigoration: “Getting to grips with the water, exploring new territories and seeing firsthand the amazing benefits cold water immersion can bring, it’s life-affirming.”

For his first guided waterfall swim for Another Place, Colin took out avid wild swimmer and presenter Jo Whiley and her family. While Jo’s no stranger to cold water, many of her group were unaccustomed to being submerged in such remote bodies of freshwater. After a session plunging into the falls, how did they find it? “Everyone was beaming!” 

Swindale Waterfall

Discover more

From discovering hidden swim spots to raising your cold water game, this unique wild swimming experience brings you closer to nature, opening your eyes to the elemental experiences around Ullswater.

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