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Behind the scenes with Millican

In a world of globally out-sourced, production-line manufacture, Millican, based on a farm in the English Lake District, are stepping out of the mould.

They craft sustainable bags for the conscious traveller, the deep-thinker, and for personal journeys across the globe. Taking inspiration from and named after the Lake District maverick, Millican Dalton, the belief that less makes for more – carrying only what you need allows you to experience more – is at the heart of Millican’s curations.

We take a look behind the scenes and discover the foundations, design philosophy, materials and the people who today make bags with a difference.

After travelling together for two years through far corners of the earth, Millican founders Jorrit and Nicky returned to the UK, swapping their packs for family life, bricks and mortar. Suburban life quickly left them feeling swamped and needing to breathe again, so they packed up and moved to the Lake District – a decision that allowed the couple to rediscover their passions. Fresh air. The great outdoors. Time spent understanding the environment. The Lake District has it all, and then some.

Hearing tales of local legend, Millican Dalton and the ways in which he broke convention in the 1900s – choosing experience and a life in the open over material gain – Jorrit and Nicky were inspired to do the same. Millican was born.

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the blog milican

Millican’s design philosophy is centred round the idea that less makes for more, reflected in the careful selection of innovative, sustainable materials. Paired with functional, creative designs, the bags are made to last, while limiting the impact on the environment. Sustainable innovation combines with bespoke 100% organic cotton canvas to make The Originals Collection, while panels of bionic waterproof canvas made from 57% recycled materials, used to craft The Maverick Collection, prove that simplicity is strength.

Taking an uncompromising stance on ethics, fair trading and humanitarian interests when it comes to materials and producers, Millican sourced cotton, wool and leather locally where possible – appreciating the long standing role the three elements have played in mountaineering and the outdoors.

Herdwick sheep, unique to the Lake District, provide the wool. Herdwicks are pretty good looking, as sheep go, living on the fells through the toughest of winters – a natural fit for Millican’s hardy bags. The vegetable tanned leather (free from unwanted chemicals) comes from the only remaining traditional oak bark tannery in Britain, chosen for its true ability to wear in with use – not out.

The result of the journey that Millican have travelled on so far, with the help of like-minded partners, is the creation of outstanding quality, functional and sustainable products that last a lifetime.

Live freely with Millican and discover more of their story. http://www.homeofmillican.com/

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