Another Place

Curated by the Another Place collective, here you’ll find a digital companion for The Machrie on Islay and The Lake in Ullswater.

A ski resort in England. Yes, you read that correctly. Sitting among the highest mountains is Raise, home to the Lake District Ski Club.
Just before lockdown, our swim coach Colin Hill realised a long-held dream. He’s just seen an endless pool installed here – joining up every aspect of the open water swimming experience at Another Place, The Lake.
Disturb the water’s still and silver surface and dive into a glassy mirror, reflecting the mountains, moon and stars. Full moon swims are urging us all to give in to a little lunacy…
Before the Picturesque movement, people sought symmetry, architecture and a formal garden. They didn't know what to make of the Lake District's size, or rugged nature.
The Lyrids are an annual meteor shower, falling somewhere between the 16 to 25 April. This year the best time to watch out for them is in the early hours before dawn on 22 April.
We caught up with our swim expert Colin Hill about what he has been up to this winter and asked him about his new swim sessions at Another Place, The Lake.
Seasoned explorer Athena Mellor is the mind behind Ramble Guides, a website for the modern explorer who wants to make the most out of the UK's beautiful hikes. Athena visited Another Place to put together a hiking guide for one of the many walks on our doorstep at the hotel.
Colin Hill is our in-house swimming expert. We asked him to share the secrets of wild swimming; who it’s for, why people do it and where his local, go-to swim-spot is when he has time on his hands to explore.