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  • Julia Ogden landscape artist

    Julia Ogden landscape artist

    Julia Ogden’s mural is one of the outstanding features of Lynsey Ford’s redesign of Willow cottage. Find out about the inspiration around her landscape paintings and where you can buy the Another Place mural.

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  • Introducing: Outside

    Introducing: Outside

    A treehouse in the canopy, six shepherd huts in the parkland and a Victorian glasshouse alongside the kitchen garden. This winter Another Place launches Outside; the new rooms and spaces within the grounds of the hotel.

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  • The Lakes on film

    The Lakes on film

    The Lake District is a special place for local filmmaker Michael Lazenby. The top of a summit at dawn. Blue hour. Helvellyn via Striding Edge and why Ullswater is his favourite destination in the hunt for cloud inversions.

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  • Helen Jenkins: My happier place

    Helen Jenkins: My happier place

    Three time Olympic triathlete, Helen Jenkins, explores how being active in nature boosts a positive state of mind and why she’ s planning her next visit to Another Place.

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  • Blackdown Shepherd Huts

    Blackdown Shepherd Huts

    Whilst we eagerly anticipate the arrival of our six new shepherd huts to our gardens, we visited the Blackdown Shepherd Hut workshop in Somerset to get a taste of the work and care that goes into building each one

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  • Introducing Willow cottage

    Introducing Willow cottage

    Taking inspiration from the surrounding landscape, the two-bedroom cottage will see Interior Design Master winner, Lynsey Ford’s designs come to life through sustainable furniture and local artists

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  • Ear Safety for Swimmers

    Ear Safety for Swimmers

    Audiologist Vincent Howard shares his top tips to protect your ears when swimming – whether here in Ullswater or further afield and why he recommends Snugs earplugs.

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  • Laurel Truscott Landscape Architect

    Laurel Truscott Landscape Architect

    Landscape architect, Laurel Truscott, has created the vision for ‘Outside’ our new spaces in our grounds. Find out more about how she is blurring the boundaries between outdoors and in.

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  • Cold water meditation

    Cold water meditation

    Gilly McArthur and the Wonderful Wild Women community are passionate about the positive effects of being active in nature. Find out about her five-step cold meditation exercise.

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  • Ruark Audio Inspirational Playlist

    Ruark Audio Inspirational Playlist

    Feet up. Leaves rustling in the trees above. This Ruark playlist has been made for you as you swing in your hammock overlooking The Lake.

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  • Penguin’s Christmas reading list

    Penguin’s Christmas reading list

    From the master of spy thrillers, bloody battlefields during the Wars of the Roses and finding hope for the future for our planet by Jane Goodall, Penguin’s top twelve essential Christmas reading guide is here.

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  • Illustrating Another Place with Joules

    Illustrating Another Place with Joules

    From designing pumpkins and window displays to painting with gouche and paddleboarding. It’s all in a days work for Isla and Rosie, the resident Joules illustrators. Find out what inspired them to create the new illustrations for the Joules suite.

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