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Guest blog: From across the pond

Recently Marianne and Andrew Nicodem, photographers in Chicago made the trip across the pond to the Lakes. They knew they wanted to stay in the Lake District, its beauty is well known in the US, but they were looking for somewhere different to stay. They found Another Place. Here’s their story, and photographs.

Woman standing on top of the fells

A week in the Lakes

It’s been a few weeks since we left Cumbria, and we wish we were back there. Lounging poolside, playing Scrabble by a fire in the library or standing at the top of a fell surveying Ullswater below. It is a place where there is everything to do, and nothing to do at the same time, a place where the adventurous and those seeking rest would both be at home. And for two work-weary souls looking to get out of Chicago for a week, it was a little bit of heaven.

We arrived after 18 plus hours in transit: tired, hungry, and in need of a long bath and a large cup of coffee. And that is precisely what we were greeted with upon arrival (this would be the first of many times saying “is everyone in northwest England this kind or is the staff here just that amazing?”). In the lobby was a coffee pot which miraculously never seemed to run out (despite our best efforts to drain it). We then headed straight for the hot tub to soothe our travel-worn bodies. There are few things as surreal as leaving your home in a city of nearly three million people and constant stimulation, finding yourself outdoors soaking in a hot tub looking out over manicured gardens, a clear lake, and beyond to snow-capped mountains. This is how we were introduced to Another Place.

“Everything and nothing to do at the same time”

The first two days of our stay in the Lakes we chose to do nothing (and it couldn’t have been more refreshing). Between leisurely strolls around the lakefront, sitting in the cozy library with drinks and a board game, getting a facial treatment in Swim Club, lazying about in the indoor pool and sauna, and eating until we couldn’t possibly fit in another bite. To ease back into a semi-active state we decided to explore the area further by boat, taking the Ullswater Steamer from Pooley Bridge to the other end of the lake in Glenridding. It is a beautiful ride, with incredible views. Those first two days were true rest, and did us a world of good.

Once we had our feet under us, Another Place became the launch pad to adventure. It is perfectly situated for breathtaking hikes, or as the starting point to explore the rest of the Lake District. We hiked up Hallin Fell with views back down over all of Ullswater. We then explored Keswick, Windemere, and the hidden gem of a walk at Blea Tarn (it is a tiny lake in a hanging valley well worth the visit).

Looking through a window at the fells
Man swimming in the pool at Another Place

We have never stayed at a place that has paid such attention to the little things that make a stay truly and uniquely restful. Staff that are beyond helpful, sorting through maps with us, giving activity advice and directions, and a chef going out of his way to make a special gluten-free sticky toffee pudding one evening, or that each room is equipped with travel thermoses and fresh coffee is available all day, free for the taking. Or the row of wellies provided at the front door so that no one going out for a stroll has to risk muddying up their own shoes, or the games and books spread throughout the hotel on shelves, just waiting to be enjoyed. Another Place is a hotel that cares about its guests, in every way. It was lived-in and inviting, and we felt truly spoiled.

One week was far too short of a time to even scratch the surface of all that the Lake District has to offer, but rest assured (pun intended) that if and when we return to that magical corner of England it will be to Another Place.

Chef at the pass in Rampsbeck Restaurant
Woman standing by a window looking out at the Lake District

Marianne and Andrew Nicodem – Nicodem Creative

Professional photographers from Chicago specialising in weddings and travel. They spent six nights at Another Place on a tour of the north west of England. They we looking for something different to the hotels they usually stay in, and stumbled across Another Place. Much more contemporary lifestyle than country house, and they liked it.

Man walking across rocks by a lake
Woman eating breakfast at Another Place
2 dogs on top of a fell overlooking a lake
A treatment room at Another Place
Aerial view of Ullswater
Woman kayaking on Ullswater
Man reading the paper
Aerial view of Another Place The Lake
Birds flying past a jetty
Family suite at Another Place, The Lake - a new Lake District hotel


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Swim Club at Another Place, The Lake


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Sailing on Ullswater

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