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  • Water, mountains & fire

    Water, mountains & fire

    Swimming, walking, campfire cooking… We’ve gathered some of our favourite ways to rekindle a connection with The Lakes, wherever you are.

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  • Creative flowers at home

    Creative flowers at home

    While the hotel is closed and the gardens at Another Place, The Lake empty, they are far from silent. Our florist, Laura Tuer, visited the gardens to collect some flowers to make some easy arrangements that you can try at home.

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  • Arranging the Seasons

    Arranging the Seasons

    Laura Tuer has been creating stunning flower displays for almost 20 years, inspired by the trees and plants of the North Lakes. Her seasonally inspired flower displays can be found around Another Place, The Lake – brought to life at her ‘creative flower shop with fika’, Greenwheat, in nearby Penrith.

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  • Dawn Chorus – Meet the Band

    Dawn Chorus – Meet the Band

    Rural quiet or city streets, wherever each of us resides at this uncertain time, there is one thing we can all share by simply stepping outside, or opening our windows; the dawn chorus.

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  • Our gardener’s 300 year-old legacy

    Our gardener’s 300 year-old legacy

    John’s connection to the Lake District goes deeper than even he might realise. To understand it, we have to go back around 300 years…

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    Just before lockdown, our swim coach Colin Hill realised a long-held dream. He’s just seen an endless pool installed here – joining up every aspect of the open water swimming experience at Another Place, The Lake.

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    Disturb the water’s still and silver surface and dive into a glassy mirror, reflecting the mountains, moon and stars. Full moon swims are urging us all to give in to a little lunacy…

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  • Leap back in. An Ullswater adventure

    Leap back in. An Ullswater adventure

    Re-wild yourself on an open water adventure to Kailpot Crag, where a gleeful swim and a courageous leap can leave you feeling like a kid again, says Abi Whyte.

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  • The language of wild beauty

    The language of wild beauty

    Before the Picturesque movement, people sought symmetry, architecture and a formal garden. They didn’t know what to make of the Lake District’s size, or rugged nature.

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  • The Lyrid Meteor Shower

    The Lyrid Meteor Shower

    The Lyrids are an annual meteor shower, falling somewhere between the 16 to 25 April. This year the best time to watch out for them is in the early hours before dawn on 22 April.

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  • Flowering currant cordial recipe

    Flowering currant cordial recipe

    Foraging for beginners: learn how to make a simple flowering currant cordial using the bright flowers which bloom from mid-March until May.

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  • Night Swims with Joanna Shimwell

    Night Swims with Joanna Shimwell

    Joanna Shimwell embraces the outdoors and all that it throws at her. She has been wild swimming for years and uses it to unhook from modern life.

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