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Curated by the Another Place collective, here you’ll find a digital companion of inspirational stories, happenings and everything exciting at each of our hotels. We’re a group of foodies, musicians, skiers, surfers, bookworms, outdoor enthusiasts, creators and friends. We’re the people you chat to on Facebook; the ones taking photos and putting together recipes and playlists for when you need inspiration from a new place.

  • The Lyrid Meteor Shower

    The Lyrid Meteor Shower

    The Lyrids are an annual meteor shower, falling somewhere between the 16 to 25 April. This year the best time to watch out for them is in the early hours before dawn on 22 April.

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  • Flowering currant cordial recipe

    Flowering currant cordial recipe

    Foraging for beginners: learn how to make a simple flowering currant cordial using the bright flowers which bloom from mid-March until May.

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  • Night Swims with Joanna Shimwell

    Night Swims with Joanna Shimwell

    Joanna Shimwell embraces the outdoors and all that it throws at her. She has been wild swimming for years and uses it to unhook from modern life.

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  • Interview with Colin Hill

    Interview with Colin Hill

    We caught up with our swim expert Colin Hill about what he has been up to this winter and asked him about his new swim sessions at Another Place, The Lake.

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  • Stargazing in the Lake District

    Stargazing in the Lake District

    Tips for stargazing in the Lake District at a Dark Sky Discovery Site, or simply join us by the lake on 21 April to watch the Lyrid meteor shower.

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  • Things to do in spring

    Things to do in spring

    There’s so much going on in and round Ullswater in spring. Here’s our pick of what to do when you come and stay. Choose from paddleboarding on the lake, stargazing in the fells and the annual marmalade festival.

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  • Introducing Ernest Journal

    Introducing Ernest Journal

    We talk to Ernest editor Jo Tinsley about her own slow journey into publishing, her early adventures in the fells and her hopes to uncover more unexpected stories in the North Lakes.

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  • Slowing down how you travel

    Slowing down how you travel

    Hear about Emma Lavelle’s approach to slow travel, the slow movement and how she has learnt to appreciate the smaller moments whilst on holiday at Another Place, The Lake.

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  • Hunters and Heel’s cosy moments

    Hunters and Heel’s cosy moments

    Lauren recently came to stay with us, so we asked her about her break and how she creates cosy moments in her favourite season.

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  • Red deer spotting

    Red deer spotting

    Martindale is home to one of the oldest red deer herds in the UK. Climb the surrounding fells at sunset and listen to the rut that has happened here for over 300 years.

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  • Hiking around Ullswater

    Hiking around Ullswater

    Seasoned explorer Athena Mellor is the mind behind Ramble Guides, a website for the modern explorer who wants to make the most out of the UK’s beautiful hikes. Athena visited Another Place to put together a hiking guide for one of the many walks on our doorstep at the hotel.

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  • Summer Swims in the Lakes by Colin Hill

    Summer Swims in the Lakes by Colin Hill

    Colin Hill is our in-house swimming expert. We asked him to share the secrets of wild swimming; who it’s for, why people do it and where his local, go-to swim-spot is when he has time on his hands to explore.

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