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  • Meet head chef Shaun Dixon

    Meet head chef Shaun Dixon

    Discover our most popular dishes on the Rampsbeck menu and meet head chef Shaun Dixon.

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  • Sarah Taylor: Outside Exhibition

    Sarah Taylor: Outside Exhibition

    Discover Sarah Taylor’s new art exhibition located on the Ullswater shore, gardens, meadows and trees this autumn.

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  • SWIM by Liz Richardson

    SWIM by Liz Richardson

    Playwright and wild swimmer Liz Richardson, discusses her latest show SWIM, and shares a free audio version for a piece of watery escapism.

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  • How to style a Shepherd hut

    How to style a Shepherd hut

    How do you style a shepherd hut? Here’s our interior design guide for our six shepherd huts designed by Matt Hulme of Dynargh Design.

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  • Wildlife artist Sarah Taylor

    Wildlife artist Sarah Taylor

    Sarah Taylor is passionate about “painting animals for people who love animals”. Renowned for her larger-than-life portraits here are 10 things to know about Sarah’s art.

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  • Walking & Talking: David Felton

    Walking & Talking: David Felton

    As part of our Art in the Wild series, we caught up with David Felton to chat about his innovative podcasting and publishing work and his lifelong love of walking in the Lake District.

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  • Designing Outside: Matt Hulme

    Designing Outside: Matt Hulme

    Taking us ‘through the keyhole’ of each unique space, Matt Hulme of Dynargh Design, shares an insight into his design process – revealing the thinking behind the concepts, layouts, textures, colours and furniture.

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  • In the water: Jo Whiley

    In the water: Jo Whiley

    After a recent stay we caught up with Jo Whiley around her love of open water swimming. From leaping off a waterfall at to a cross lake challenge, find out why she thinks everyone should give open water a chance.

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  • How Laurel Truscott made Outside sing

    How Laurel Truscott made Outside sing

    Landscape architect, Laurel Truscott, has created the vision for ‘Outside’ our new spaces in our grounds. Find out more about how she is blurring the boundaries between outdoors and in with her seaonal planting.

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  • Discover Kids’ Zone

    Discover Kids’ Zone

    Get back to nature with the Kids’ Zone at Another Place. Ofsted registered and run by an experienced team, we’ll give you the chance to take some time for yourself while your children are having fun. Meet Gillian, our forest school qualified Kids’ Zone manager.

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  • Art in the wild

    Art in the wild

    Art in the wild is flourishing amongst the fells, valleys and crags. Lace-up your hiking boots and head to the hills for the opportunity to view an outdoor exhibition. The Lake District will surprise you with what it has to offer.

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  • Introducing: Outside

    Introducing: Outside

    A treehouse in the canopy, six shepherd huts in the parkland and a Victorian glasshouse alongside the kitchen garden. This winter Another Place launches Outside; the new rooms and spaces within the grounds.

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